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Artistic working means for me direct expression, sponaneity. It is intuitive, intensive experiencing of colors and forms by internal pictures and inspirations.


In the painting I prefer image details which are solved from the context of an object,  a surface or a structure. Thereby they lose their original forms.


Traditionally the human eye prefers the perception of horizontals and verticals. As a special focus often I use the bird perspective which is not ordinary for humans. From large height, overviews, which are hidden for humans normally, grant structures and lightening conditions.


In my compostions you will find landscapes expressed in unusual materials. There are picture contents which find thus to new qualities. Marble powder, gypsum, plaster, pigments and stain are prefered paint substances of my works. A material processing of the surface by application and ablation of paints is like moulting processes. Arbitrary structures are emphasised and contribute for the momentum of the pictures.


The need to let predominantly natural materials flow into my pictures grounds me, expresses my rootedness, leaves me the freedom of experimenting in addition.

Frequently I use materials such as sand, earth, rust and charcoal.



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